Alpha House came into being due to the lack of housing for people coming out of prison and returning to Halifax and the surrounding areas who had a history of drugs and alcohol addiction. In addition to this many were also suffering from enduring mental health issues. This made it very difficult to get people housed on release from prison.

Alpha House has a 3 Staged accommodation programme. We realise that our clients have different needs and that the progression to independent living needs to happen in stages so we work hard to help service users in the “move-on” process before they move on to independent tenancies in their own properties.

Our rules are very strict, and we urge all our prospective residents to understand what they are signing up to when they come to us. We are a supported Housing Project with a Change of Lifestyle Training Programme. Alpha House is not a soft option and we only take people who are committed to staying off drugs/alcohol and recovering from addiction, addressing any presenting mental health issues, dealing with social and domestic issues, as well as working towards an independent and industrious lifestyle by attending all of our Change of Lifestyle Training sessions.

Many professionals see addiction in different ways. We follow the scientific theory that addiction is a disease and needs treatment. We do not subscribe to the thinking that addicts can become abstinent on their own and return to independent normal living without help. We know that some drugs users do this, but we believe they were never addicts; that they simply became dependent on a drug or alcohol due to continued use and that they were able to make a decision to stop. With this in mind, our service users must attend one of the local Day Treatment Rehabilitation Programmes available to them.

Our shared care treatment programme promotes the 12 Step approach to treatment, but our counsellors also use a range of other interventions to assist residents in their recovery as it relates to their social and domestic circumstances and their emotional wellbeing. These include Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.