The vision for Alpha House came out of one of the trustee’s experience of working with Probation clients who were being released from prison. Some were desperate to remain drug free, but had nowhere to go except on the streets or back to their old drug using or drinking friends and inevitably back to their addiction. This led to a repeat of the cycle of drug/alcohol use, offending, prison and release. It sometimes led to suicide out of frustration about their inability to break free or premature death by overdose or gradually failing health.


A Place of New Beginnings

‘A service for offenders with multiple and complex problems who seek to achieve their full potential’.


Our drug and alcohol treatment element is a structured therapeutic approach to recovery and our residents are expected to attend all counselling sessions and groups run by the project.


Residents will undergo a full needs assessment before being housed and may be required to attend other drugs or alcohol services as well as accessing mental health provision where needed.

Other Information

Our Clients

We predominantly seek to assist those who are being released from prison or referred via the criminal justice system or mental health services. However, this should not deter people who have a substance misuse problem with a history of offending or mental health issue and we will take a self-referral if the person concerned has been in touch in the past with an organisation who can vouch for them or willing to give them a reference.

Our Accommodation

We have several terraced houses where we have two residents sharing. This is for the initial stage of your programme with us. When you join us we will do our best to pair you up with someone who we think you will get along with, and who is doing well and able to show you how to get along here with us. In stage 2 of the programme you will be offered a single occupancy flat to prepare you for stage 3; independent living with a reduced support plan.

Our Criteria

A desire to have a lifestyle change and become an industrious citizen; that is to say, a person who wishes to address all of their needs and to eventually return to work.