Hi, I’m Garry—or Gaz as I was known at Alpha.

Gaz - Alpha House CalderdaleI went to Alpha House in March 2014 after getting myself in a mess with drinking and cannabis mostly. I’m glad that Yvonne didn’t put a “before and after” photo on here because I didn’t look as healthy as this when I arrived.

I started using recreational drugs when I was about 15 and started to really have a problem with my use in my early 20’s – using crack, coke and ecstasy and my drinking was getting worse. I think my main problem though was my massive cannabis habit. I was spending everything I earned on drugs of some sort and I was earning a lot of money bricklaying so it was as bad as you can imagine. I tried to commit suicide after my head went and I lost my job and my girlfriend and ended up back at my Mum’s.

Another resident told me about Alpha House and the good work going on there so he gave me Miles’ number and I got the courage to ring him.

It wasn’t all easy going—I took a few steps forward and a few back before I really got to grips with what addiction is and how I needed to live my life if I wanted to stay clean and get my life back.

So now I am on my way forward, I’m back bricklaying and earning money that does not go on drugs now. I have well and truly had enough of that life and I just want to live a good life and do the things normal people do like have a nice pad and go on holiday and drive a well nice car.

Cheers everyone