Well it’s been a while since we’ve brought you any news, but we’re now working to get back on track and keep you up to date with what we get up to here at Alpha House.

We’ve been busy as ever since our last update, and there’s so much to tell! The biggest news you may have missed however, is our new building.

If anybody remembers our old premises, they will remember it being a little small for our growing numbers. To meet our increasing needs, we have moved to a new building right in the centre of Halifax, which we have renovated into a fit-for-purpose recovery centre and office of operations.

The building is comprised of four floors, which not only offers clients a variety of things to do outside of group sessions, it also gives our staff and volunteers more office space to help us do what we do best – helping clients to achieve their full potential.

In the basement, our clients have access to the Day Centre, complete with kitchen, TV, pool table and gym. The ground floor houses our office and reception area, leading to a group room, counselling room and an additional office on the first floor. The top floor is fitted out with a full kitchen, which occasionally hosts a cooking class too. Next door we have a ‘quiet room’ which allows clients a place to simply chill out, nap, watch TV or even receive massage and reflexology sessions free of charge.

Everyone at Alpha House is really excited about the changes that have taken place over the last 18 months, and we’re even more excited about the changes that are still to come. So, watch this space!