Find your Voice Continues

Alpha House was lucky enough to have the Find Your Voice Choir give our lads 6 weeks of singing training. At first, the lads were a little weary about the idea, but we were all amazed how much they all enjoyed it! Watch our video of the final performance in which the choir sings Don’t Stop by Journey.

The Alpha House lads enjoyed working with Find Your Voice so much, that we have arranged for them to come back for another 6 weeks starting next month.

The Find Your Voice Choir works with people with little (or in this case none) experience in choir singing and helps them to “find their voice” so to speak. Throughout 6 sessions of training, the Alpha House choir learned some basics of singing and it was a pleasure to see their confidence grow and their talents shine through.

We can’t wait for the next 6 week session to see how the next group enjoy this musical experience!!