Alpha House was lucky enough to have the Find Your Voice Choir give our lads 6 weeks of singing training. At first, the lads were a little weary about the idea, but we were all amazed how much they all enjoyed it! Watch our video of the final performance in which the choir sings Don’t Stop by Journey.

The Alpha House lads enjoyed working with Find Your Voice so much, that we have arranged for them to come back for another 6 weeks starting next month.

The Find Your Voice Choir works with people with little (or in this case none) experience in choir singing and helps them to “find their voice” so to speak. Throughout 6 sessions of training, the Alpha House choir learned some basics of singing and it was a pleasure to see their confidence grow and their talents shine through.

We can’t wait for the next 6 week session to see how the next group enjoy this musical experience!!


The boys of Alpha House brought back a trophy from this weekend’s Celebration of Recovery 5-A-Side football tournament, hosted by the Bridge Project at GOALS in Leeds.

The tournament consisted of teams from multiple recovery-based organizations such as Growing Rooms, The Vault, The Space, Reflections and more.

Despite some tough competition including teams with ex professional football players, Alpha House managed to pull through and bring the winner’s trophy home.

Alpha House was split into two teams and one team, “Alpha Dogs” won 1st place, while the second team from Alpha, “Mean Machines” brought home a respectable 4th place.

We couldn’t be more proud of our lads, and we can’t wait to play again next year!!

And a massive thank you to Tony, Simon and everyone else at Bridge for organizing this great event!

These days it’s easy to take our smart phones, our laptops and our tablets for granted. We use them for just about everything, but imagine how difficult things would be if we didn’t have access to this kind of technology.

Many of our clients come to us with little more than the clothes on their back, so accessing the online world isn’t quite as simple as it is for most of us. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce we have now opened our “IT Suite” which is dedicated to meeting those needs for our clients.

Containing three desktop computers, three laptops, a colour printer/scanner and a dedicated, high speed broadband connection, our clients now have access to the internet for checking Universal Credit accounts, paying council tax, social media, online banking and anything else they wish (within reason of course!).

We still encourage our clients to work towards independent living, but at least now they have internet access in the meantime!


At Alpha House Calderdale, we provide our clients with a great deal of support and guidance in their recovery, and the Alpha crew have been working hard to achieve their life goals. However, recovery can be hard work at times, so we feel it is important for the lads to take a little time off now and then to enjoy the joys of recovery. That is why we decided to treat the residents of Alpha House to a day out.

In place of our usual recovery groups, we loaded everyone up in our minibus and took a day out for a little fun. After a few games of bowling and a trip to the cinema, we then decided to take an impromptu walk around Shibden Park to enjoy the glorious weather. And of course, we couldn’t resist getting an ice cream while we were there!

Of course, this was just a last minute outing for Alpha House. We have some bigger, more exciting plans for the near future including our annual trip, which this year will be Scarborough. So stay tuned for our upcoming posts on other activities at alpha house.


Who would have thought this unlikely pair would be collecting five grand cheque from the Police and Crime Commissioner? Well that’s exactly what happened in March. Seeing these two where they are today just goes to show that change really is possible when the right support is given.

Ian and Craig are two of our greatest success stories at Alpha House. That’s why we could think of no one better to pick up a £5,000 grant awarded to Alpha House. The donation was awarded to Alpha House to help us continue our work in reducing crime through changing lives.

Although this picture is only a couple of months old (taken in March 2019), both Ian and Craig have taken great steps in their lives. Craig has returned to full time work and left Alpha House, but he still likes to get involved when he can to show his gratitude. Ian is now on permitted work for Alpha House, helping in the office and visiting potential clients in prison to share the message of how he turned his life around at Alpha.

This generous donation from the Police and Crime Commissioner will certainly go a long way for us. It’s grants like this that help Alpha House continue its mission, and help more people like Ian and Craig reach their full potential in life.

From everyone at Alpha House Calderdale, we’d like to give the Police and Crime Commissioner a big thank you!

PCC Grant

Well it’s been a while since we’ve brought you any news, but we’re now working to get back on track and keep you up to date with what we get up to here at Alpha House.

We’ve been busy as ever since our last update, and there’s so much to tell! The biggest news you may have missed however, is our new building.

If anybody remembers our old premises, they will remember it being a little small for our growing numbers. To meet our increasing needs, we have moved to a new building right in the centre of Halifax, which we have renovated into a fit-for-purpose recovery centre and office of operations.

The building is comprised of four floors, which not only offers clients a variety of things to do outside of group sessions, it also gives our staff and volunteers more office space to help us do what we do best – helping clients to achieve their full potential.

In the basement, our clients have access to the Day Centre, complete with kitchen, TV, pool table and gym. The ground floor houses our office and reception area, leading to a group room, counselling room and an additional office on the first floor. The top floor is fitted out with a full kitchen, which occasionally hosts a cooking class too. Next door we have a ‘quiet room’ which allows clients a place to simply chill out, nap, watch TV or even receive massage and reflexology sessions free of charge.

Everyone at Alpha House is really excited about the changes that have taken place over the last 18 months, and we’re even more excited about the changes that are still to come. So, watch this space!


alpha house calderdale blackpool trip

Having a nice meal in Blackpool after it taking 6 hours to get there due to the M62 being closed because of an accident.
Still, it was good food and good company and enjoyed by all.

alpha house calderdale blackpool trip

Pictures from our BBQ:




Ultra White Collar Boxing (UWBC) is a unique opportunity for people with no boxing background to experience the wonderful world of boxing, in a safe and enjoyable environment. Raise money for Cancer Research UK and Get In Great shape!

This is Carl getting ready for his tournament:


Alpha House go Bowling: