Last weekend, Sean celebrated freedom from active addiction at the annual UK convention in Birmingham with 10 months of abstinence from drugs and alcohol.

Sean has been thriving since coming to Alpha House last Summer, and is now well on his way to moving forward with his life.

Sean is currently one of our residents in a “move on” property, which is designed to work as a stepping stone to residents who are getting ready to return to independent living. Through his hard work and dedication, Sean has now found a job, and will soon be transferring the lease for his residence into his own name.

Although he will no longer be an Alpha House resident, Sean will still have our support. He still plans to attend his weekly mentoring sessions, and he will always be welcome to attend our day groups when he has the time.

We at Alpha House will certainly miss Sean, but we are thrilled that he is moving on with his life and doing so well.

Congratulations Sean, and keep up the good work!

At Alpha House Calderdale, we provide our clients with a great deal of support and guidance in their recovery, and the Alpha crew have been working hard to achieve their life goals. However, recovery can be hard work at times, so we feel it is important for the lads to take a little time off now and then to enjoy the joys of recovery. That is why we decided to treat the residents of Alpha House to a day out.

In place of our usual recovery groups, we loaded everyone up in our minibus and took a day out for a little fun. After a few games of bowling and a trip to the cinema, we then decided to take an impromptu walk around Shibden Park to enjoy the glorious weather. And of course, we couldn’t resist getting an ice cream while we were there!

Of course, this was just a last minute outing for Alpha House. We have some bigger, more exciting plans for the near future including our annual trip, which this year will be Scarborough. So stay tuned for our upcoming posts on other activities at alpha house.